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Standing out in the Art scene is Steven M. Drew. A self-taught realism artist with a genuinely natural, God-given talent. Born and raised in Illinois, he moved to Texas in 1988 and currently resides in the small rural town of Mineola, TX.

Steve is not what you would expect of a Western Artist. He is a tall, bearded guy with a comedic whit about him. His right arm is covered with a tattoo sleeve, and you will usually find him wearing a t-shirt, shorts, checkered vans, and a ball cap. Throughout his younger years, he was an avid doodler. His peers even dubbed him the nickname “Sketch". With a deep and unexplainable desire to create with paints and a growing following for his work, he recognized later in life that he was meant to pursue a career in art. After years of practical experience and learning through trial and error, he launched his name into the fine art world in 2008.

Since then, he has completed commission work for not only avid art collectors but champion equestrian competitors and commercial businesses. People are continually astonished by his artwork and the versatility he possesses. He uses an array of mediums but primarily works with oils and charcoal. Steve has a profoundly ingrained old western soul that produces nostalgic originals. His art taps into the reminiscent emotions, aspirations, and dreams of childhood memories in others and it exudes with history of the times that have shaped our lives.

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